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Best Time of the Year to Replace Roof

An average lifespan of a roof is 20 years. Having been a homeowner for 10 to 20 years, you have to think of a good time of the year when you can replace your roof. Weather conditions, accidents and overloads can shorten the lifespan of your roof and choosing a season to replace it determine the total cost of the project and the average time needed. Read on to learn about the best time of the year when you can ask your professional roofer to do a roof replacement.


Most homeowners will ask if it is an excellent time to replace their roofs during winter. Winter is a great time to replace your roof as it is a slow time for most roofing companies. That means you can easily schedule an appointment with professional roofers. Withstanding, you must be aware of your geographical area, snow and freezing temperatures since they can interrupt roof replacement or stop sealants from setting. Roofs replaced during shallow temperatures are susceptible to cracking. Some areas experience mild winter and no snow, while others experience both. An expert roofer can also have processes in place to mediate or prevent complications during your project.


During early spring, the temperatures are not as extreme as in summer or winter, and roof replacement is a good choice for most homeowners. Roof damages caused by winter or summer are discovered during this time. It is wise for homeowners to prep their roofs during early spring in case of extreme weather that could happen later in the season, like thunderstorms. Waiting too long may make it difficult to replace your roof, as spring rain may interfere with your roof replacement plans. However, roofing companies should adapt to weather changes and replace your roof on time.


Most people do roof replacement, repair and maintenance during summer. The predictable weather and warm temperatures make roofing during this season more manageable. However, in some states, late summer has extreme temperatures, making it difficult for less experienced roofing contractors. In states that experience extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornados, it is worth waiting until later when it is ideal to do your roof replacement. Hurricanes cause considerable roof damage during summer, making it the busiest month for most roof contractors. Homeowners can see a roofing company’s work during summer before engaging them to do their roof replacement.


Fall is the ideal season for roof replacement. With early summer’s weather consistency and spring’s mild temperatures, Fall is known as the best season of the year to replace roofs. Finding an appointment with a roofing company is tedious as it is the most sought-after season. Making plans in advance helps the homeowner beat the rush.


Each season has its pros and cons; therefore, the best time to replace your roof depends on your roofing contractor’s experience. Experienced roofing contractors like Davis Roofing Company will know the tricks and deliver quality roofing replacements regardless of the season. We assure homeowners who hire our professional roofers that they can replace their roofs before more significant issues arise and when they are available to meet with roofing experts.

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