What You Should Know About Roof Maintenance & Repairs

What You Should Know About Roof Maintenance & Repairs

Although the weather in North Carolina isn’t as severe as it might be in other areas of the country, high winds and thundershowers take their toll year after year. By taking care of your roof and conducting regular preventative maintenance, you will increase the chances of your roof holding up during the next big storm. For roof repair jobs that are too big for you to tackle alone, turn to Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC.

How To Take Care Of Your Roof

You don’t necessarily need a residential roofing contractor to handle basic preventative maintenance. This includes tasks like checking the roof’s framing structure, inspecting the gutters, examining the shingles, and checking the flashing. An issue with any of these elements could result in leaks and other damage, so if you spot any problems, make sure you address them immediately.

What You Should Know

When it comes to roofing, a subpar repair job can have disastrous consequences. Your roof is responsible for sheltering your home—and your family—so unless you are absolutely certain of what you are doing, do not try to tackle the job yourself.

When To Call Roofing Contractors

There are a lot of factors that affect how long a roof will last. In general, asphalt shingle roofs, which are one of the most common kinds of roofs in the state, last for roughly 20 years. That doesn’t mean your roof won’t need repairs or maintenance every couple of years, though. If you’re not sure how to inspect your roof safely or you inspected it and did not like what you found, it’s time to call a roofing contractor for a professional opinion.

Davis Roofing Co. is a residential roofing contractor in High Point, NC. Visit their website to learn more about the roof repair services they provide, and call (336) 431-6485 to discuss your concerns with a roofing expert today.