• Prepare Your Roof For a Hurricane With These Expert Tips

    Prepare Your Roof For a Hurricane With These Expert Tips

    Every homeowner is well aware of the tremendous damage that a hurricane can cause, caving in your roof and shaking the entire foundation to its core. Hurricane season is a dangerous time, but there are always ways to be prepared. Armed with the right tips, you can rest assured that a hurricane won’t harm your residence.

    With over 35 years of experience, High Point, NC’s Davis Roofing Co. is no stranger to hurricanes. Serving both residential and commercial clients, these knowledgeable roofing contractors handle every issue, from roof repair caused by treefall to protective coatings and entire roof replacements. Worried about your roof in the event of a hurricane? They share their top tips for keeping your entire home prepared.

    • Know the Potential Damage: Hurricanes cause downpours, flash floods, intense winds, treefall, and flying debris that can shake your home to its foundation, cave in the entire roof, break windows, and cause other costly, oftentimes permanent, damage. Stay on top of hurricane warnings, and the moment you know there’s one nearby, start preparing.
    • Get a Roof Inspection: Before you hear of a potential hurricane, schedule an inspection with your local roofing contractors. This will help you discover any weak spots that could pose a major danger. If you need any roof repair services, they can complete them efficiently so that you’re safe before the storm comes.
    • Prevention & Maintenance Tips: Regular roof inspections are a great way to prevent damage—as are protective roof coatings that create an entire layer of additional protection. Check the attic and other areas to ensure that you don’t have any existing leaks, and eliminate any excess debris, including dead trees and branches that could scratch or damage your roof and the rest of your home, flying at it with extreme force. Maintain your home by keeping on top of regular window, door, and roof repair.
    • Board Up Your House: Boarding up your house is the best way to keep it protected from the elements. Determine the amount of wood you’ll need, then paint it with an exterior primer to prevent it from water damage. Secure the wood in place with strong, galvanized head screws, and enjoy the extra layer of protection that you’ve just created.

    If you sense danger and want to keep your roof protected, Davis Roofing Co. can help. Serving Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, this dedicated team will do everything possible to keep your home safe. Visit them online to learn more, or call (336) 431-6485 to schedule your free estimate.