• Roof Replacement Experts Explain Which Type of Roof Is Right for You

    Roof Replacement Experts Explain Which Type of Roof Is Right for You

    Archdale, Randolph
    It doesn’t matter what size your property is; having the right roof above your head is key to keeping it safe and sound throughout the year. Because of this, Davis Roofing in High Point, NC, offers efficient and affordable roofing services designed specifically for your needs. They know choosing the right roof isn’t always easy, so they’ve compiled some facts about the two different types of roofs they offer.

    Flat Roofs Are Commonly Used for Commercial Properties

    If you have a commercial property, you’ll likely be in need of flat roofing services when it comes time for reroofing or repairs. One reason many choose to invest in flat roofs for their business is that they’re easier to install and maintain due to their durable design. The professionals from Davis Roofing offer several types of flat roof installation services, the first being PVC roofing, in which a highly-durable, thermoplastic membrane is installed onto the roof. They also install TPO roofs, which utilize a rubber membrane and filler and are highly resistant to UV rays. The toughest flat roofing material offered by Davis Roofing is EPDM roofing, a rubber coating designed to be extremely energy efficient and weather resistant.

    Asphalt Shingles Are Commonly Installed on Residential Properties

    Most residential homes have sloped or pointed roofs, making them ideal for asphalt shingle installation. Unlike flat roofing materials, asphalt shingles are a bit more difficult to install and require regular maintenance to ensure the home remains free of leaks and other structural damage. One of the benefits of asphalt shingles is that they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect roofing shingles to complement your home. Although asphalt shingles are a bit more susceptible to wear and tear than other roofing materials, repairing them is easy—you can simply replace the old, damaged shingles with new ones when needed.

    If you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor with years of experience, contact the professionals from Davis Roofing today at (336) 431-6485 and visit them online . In addition to roof replacement, they also specialize in roof coatings and repairs, so like them on Facebook to learn more about their services.

  • What Causes Roof Damage?

    What Causes Roof Damage?

    Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps the elements out, keeping your home insulated and protected. When your roof becomes damaged, it can start to leak or become drafty, requiring repairs. If you can spot signs of damage before they become a problem, you’ll save time and money in the long run. Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC, handles everything from roof repair to roof replacement, keeping your home protected from the elements.

    What Causes Roof Damage?

    Rain and snow can damage your roof over time, creating a moisture buildup that causes mildew and mold. In winter, snow can form ice dams, which melt and cause leaks in the home. Sun, wind, hail, moss, and overgrown trees can all damage your roof as well.

    Because these elements aren’t necessarily avoidable, it’s important to have regular roof inspections to catch damage before it becomes a problem. A simple repair is much easier than needing a roof replacement.

    What Can You Do to Prevent it?

    In addition to regular roof inspections, you can perform regular maintenance to prevent any major damage to your roof. Trim tree branches around your house to prevent them from falling onto your roof. Clean gutters to make sure water is draining properly.

    In winter, remove snow from the roof to prevent ice dams, and add more insulation in the attic. If you need a roof replacement, ask your roofing contractors which materials will be most resistant to damaging elements.

    Maintaining your roof is a simple but effective way to prevent damage and subsequent leaks in your home. Plus, having a properly insulated roof will help regulate temperatures in your home, saving energy and money. For professional roof repair and roof replacement services in High Point, NC, call Davis Roofing Co. at (336) 431-6485.

  • Why a Metal Roof Is a Smart Choice

    Why a Metal Roof Is a Smart Choice

    Whether you own a home or business, when you decide it’s time to replace your roof , you should take your time to choose the right material for your goals. If you’re looking for a durable option that’s great for the planet, consider installing metal roofing. Get in touch with the experts at Davis Roofing Co. , in High Point, NC, to discuss this option further. They’ll help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your needs.

    Typically, a metal roof will be made of steel, though aluminum or copper are also used fairly widely. Metal roofs are appealing because they are durable and long-lasting. While shingles make for a versatile roofing material, they aren’t built to last a long time compared to other materials. Metal roofing is designed to withstand high winds, strong hail, and various other forms of potentially damaging weather. On top of that, it doesn’t catch fire easily, protecting you and the occupants of your building or home.

    This is why it’s such a popular choice for commercial roofing. Because it stays in great shape for years and requires little maintenance, it saves money in the long run. The upfront cost tends to be greater than the cost for shingles, but the potential long-term savings often make up for it.

    A metal roof isn’t just good for your bank account. It’s also good for the environment. Because shingle roofs don’t last as long as metal, they create more waste. Metal roofs last decades and limit the amount of waste you generate.

    To learn more about the benefits of this option, get in touch with the pros at Davis Roofing Co., in High Point, NC. They’ll explain further the reasons you should install it at your property. Contact them online , or call (336) 431-6485.

  • Roofing Contractors Explain the Differences Between Roof Materials

    Roofing Contractors Explain the Differences Between Roof Materials

    Whether you need a new roof for your residential, commercial, or industrial property, Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC, recommends understanding your options and researching roofing materials thoroughly before hiring a roofing contractor to install it. Their experienced roofers have nearly 40 years of experience with some of the highest quality roofing materials available, ranging from traditional asphalt shingles and metal roofing to PVC and EPDM.

    Asphalt Shingles

    As the most common roof material used on residential properties in the United States, asphalt shingles provide homeowners with an affordable solution for roof installations and replacement jobs. Since shingles are applied to the surface in sections, they’re the easiest roofing material to repair, as a contractor can quickly patch or replace individual shingles instead of having to remove the entire surface and start from scratch.

    Metal Roofing

    Typically, metal roofs last two to three times longer than asphalt shingles. This means that you may pay a little more money up front for a metal roofing system, but you’ll make a long-term investment in your home, thus saving money and time in the future. The metal roofs installed by Davis Roofing Co. are custom-made, which means they can be personalized by color and shape.

    Flat Roofs

    There are a few leading flat roof materials available on the market right now, but one of the most popular installed by Davis Roofing Co. is the EPDM roofing system. Made of high-quality synthetic rubber, it’s an environmentally sustainable alternative to both asphalt shingles and metal roofing and is 100% recyclable. As long as it’s installed by a trained and experienced technician, then it will even outlast a metal roof.

    Depending on your budget and structural needs, Davis Roofing Co. can help you select the perfect roof material for your building. To learn more about their products and services, call (336) 431-6485 or visit them online today.

  • Hiring the Pros VS. DIY Roof Replacement

    Hiring the Pros VS. DIY Roof Replacement

    While the Internet and YouTube seem to make most home improvement projects appear as if they’re doable by the average homeowner, there may still be certain things that are better left up to the professionals. One would think of calling the pros for something as major as a roof replacement , there are some advantages to taking the DIY route as well. To help you decide whether or not you should call the professionals or attempt to do your roof replacement yourself, the roofing experts at Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC, offer a list of what you can expect in each situation.

    Tackling Your Roof Replacement On Your Own

    • Cheaper Labor: Between being able to buy cheaper materials and not having to pay a contractor, undertaking your own roof replacement could certainly save you a decent amount of money.
    • Done Your Way: When you’re actually doing the work yourself, you can ensure that your roof replacement will be done exactly the way you want it to be done, with the specific materials you want to use.

    Hiring A Professional To Do Your Roof Replacement

    • More Efficient: Because roofing contractors often have years of experience in repairing and replacing roofs, chances are they’ll be able to finish the project much quicker than someone who has to learn as they go. They’ll also already have all the tools necessary.
    • Safer: Unless you’ve done a roof replacement or two before, you may not be aware of all of the precautions you should take to ensure both your own safety and the safety of your roof.

    Whether or not you want to perform your roof replacement yourself, or hire the professionals is ultimately your own decision. But if you want a more efficient and safer option, call the roofing experts at Davis Roofing Co. at (336) 431-6485. You can also visit them online for more information.

  • 3 Popular Questions About Getting a New Roof

    3 Popular Questions About Getting a New Roof

    When Will I Need To Replace The Roof?

    If you moved into a new home, you may be curious about how long your new roof will last. Most roofs constructed of asphalt shingles last about 20 to 25 years, while metal roofs last 50 years or more.

    What Roof Issues Will Need Repairs?

    If shingles go missing or you see granules in your gutters, these are signs that your roof needs attention. Similarly, a leaky roof can indicate that either one area needs repair or that your entire roof system will need to be replaced soon.

    Who Should Repair Or Replace My Roof?

    Repairing roof sections or replacing a roof entirely are jobs for skilled roofers and shouldn’t be attempted by a homeowner. Research local roofing contractors, read reviews, and check with family and friends who have had roof work done to get their recommendations. Then, call around to contractors to get estimates for the work before committing to a roofer.

    Monitor your home’s roof and turn to a professional to diagnose any issues. If your roof appears to need repair or replacement, you’ll want to turn to an experienced contractor who has expertise in roofing work. Davis Roofing Co. has more than 30 years of residential roofing experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call them at (336) 431-6485 for a free quote, or visit them online for more information about their roofing services.

  • Prepare Your Roof For a Hurricane With These Expert Tips

    Prepare Your Roof For a Hurricane With These Expert Tips

    Every homeowner is well aware of the tremendous damage that a hurricane can cause, caving in your roof and shaking the entire foundation to its core. Hurricane season is a dangerous time, but there are always ways to be prepared. Armed with the right tips, you can rest assured that a hurricane won’t harm your residence.

    With over 35 years of experience, High Point, NC’s Davis Roofing Co. is no stranger to hurricanes. Serving both residential and commercial clients, these knowledgeable roofing contractors handle every issue, from roof repair caused by treefall to protective coatings and entire roof replacements. Worried about your roof in the event of a hurricane? They share their top tips for keeping your entire home prepared.

    • Know the Potential Damage: Hurricanes cause downpours, flash floods, intense winds, treefall, and flying debris that can shake your home to its foundation, cave in the entire roof, break windows, and cause other costly, oftentimes permanent, damage. Stay on top of hurricane warnings, and the moment you know there’s one nearby, start preparing.
    • Get a Roof Inspection: Before you hear of a potential hurricane, schedule an inspection with your local roofing contractors. This will help you discover any weak spots that could pose a major danger. If you need any roof repair services, they can complete them efficiently so that you’re safe before the storm comes.
    • Prevention & Maintenance Tips: Regular roof inspections are a great way to prevent damage—as are protective roof coatings that create an entire layer of additional protection. Check the attic and other areas to ensure that you don’t have any existing leaks, and eliminate any excess debris, including dead trees and branches that could scratch or damage your roof and the rest of your home, flying at it with extreme force. Maintain your home by keeping on top of regular window, door, and roof repair.
    • Board Up Your House: Boarding up your house is the best way to keep it protected from the elements. Determine the amount of wood you’ll need, then paint it with an exterior primer to prevent it from water damage. Secure the wood in place with strong, galvanized head screws, and enjoy the extra layer of protection that you’ve just created.

    If you sense danger and want to keep your roof protected, Davis Roofing Co. can help. Serving Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem, this dedicated team will do everything possible to keep your home safe. Visit them online to learn more, or call (336) 431-6485 to schedule your free estimate.

  • Improve the Look of Your Property With a Roof Replacement

    Improve the Look of Your Property With a Roof Replacement

    As a property owner, you know the condition of your roof should always be a priority. And when you’re tired of dealing with leaks, missing shingles, and wood rot, a roof replacement becomes the best solution. There are countless benefits to installing a new roof, and curb appeal is at the top of that list.

    Here are three ways you’ll benefit from the curb appeal offered by a new roof:

    • Make Selling Easier: If you plan on selling your property anytime in the future, a new roof is an investment that will improve your property value and help your home sell faster. The condition of the roof will be one of the first things a potential buyer will look at. And if they don’t like what they see, they’re not likely to make an offer.
    • Improve The Neighborhood: No one wants to live in “that house” everyone else in the neighborhood talks about. If your roof could use some TLC, take the time to get a roof replacement. It will enhance the look of your house and protect it from additional damage that could prevent you from being able to sell it.
    • Peace Of Mind: Knowing your roof is affecting your property’s curb appeal is a major stressor. The continued worry your roof will spring a new leak or the next storm will bring even more damage is something no one wants to deal with. There’s no doubting the fact that a roof replacement is a big financial commitment, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to breathe a much-needed sign of relief.

    If you’re ready to take the next step toward a better-looking property, it’s time to contact Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they’re your best roofing solution. Call (336) 431-648 to start planning your roof replacement, or visit them online for more information.

  • What You Should Know About Roof Maintenance & Repairs

    What You Should Know About Roof Maintenance & Repairs

    Although the weather in North Carolina isn’t as severe as it might be in other areas of the country, high winds and thundershowers take their toll year after year. By taking care of your roof and conducting regular preventative maintenance, you will increase the chances of your roof holding up during the next big storm. For roof repair jobs that are too big for you to tackle alone, turn to Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC.

    How To Take Care Of Your Roof

    You don’t necessarily need a residential roofing contractor to handle basic preventative maintenance. This includes tasks like checking the roof’s framing structure, inspecting the gutters, examining the shingles, and checking the flashing. An issue with any of these elements could result in leaks and other damage, so if you spot any problems, make sure you address them immediately.

    What You Should Know

    When it comes to roofing, a subpar repair job can have disastrous consequences. Your roof is responsible for sheltering your home—and your family—so unless you are absolutely certain of what you are doing, do not try to tackle the job yourself.

    When To Call Roofing Contractors

    There are a lot of factors that affect how long a roof will last. In general, asphalt shingle roofs, which are one of the most common kinds of roofs in the state, last for roughly 20 years. That doesn’t mean your roof won’t need repairs or maintenance every couple of years, though. If you’re not sure how to inspect your roof safely or you inspected it and did not like what you found, it’s time to call a roofing contractor for a professional opinion.

    Davis Roofing Co. is a residential roofing contractor in High Point, NC. Visit their website to learn more about the roof repair services they provide, and call (336) 431-6485 to discuss your concerns with a roofing expert today.

  • Chimney Caps 101: A Guide From High Point’s Roof Repair Experts

    Chimney Caps 101: A Guide From High Point’s Roof Repair Experts

    Standing tall against the outside elements, a chimney works hard to keep dangers from entering a home or business. One way to keep the structure operating at optimum performance is by having your roofing contractor install a chimney cap. The team of technicians at Davis Roofing Co. in High Point, NC, specialize in providing maintenance, installation, and repair services for roofs and all of their components.

    Typically constructed from wire mesh, a chimney cap is placed around the top of the chimney. It serves several roles, including keeping squirrels, raccoons, and other critters from making their way into your house and fireplace. The chimney cap also keeps branches, leaves, and other debris out.

    To protect the chimney liner or flue from rainwater, a chimney cap provides a barrier by steering water off the sides and away from the center. This helps to prevent deterioration and other damage to the chimney’s interior.

    With winter’s arrival, a chimney cap will also keep the frozen snow and melting ice from entering the chimney’s liner, crown, and walls. In the long run, the device can help prevent cracks throughout the chimney’s structure.

    Davis Roofing Co. provides customized chimney caps that are hand-built by one of the company’s certified roofing contractors. The caps are durable, constructed with materials that stand up against the elements, and provide chimney protection for every season.

    Whether it’s residential roofing or commercial roofing, Davis Roofing Co. has earned a reputation for affordable and fair pricing, excellent service and a 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s why the local company has strong community ties serving Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and surrounding areas since 1980!

    To learn more about chimney caps or to request a free estimate, call the roofing contractors at Davis Roofing Co. today at (336) 431-6485. Visit the website for more information about their roofing services.