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Can a Metal Roof Be Painted?

Metal roofs are popular for a variety of reasons, and in certain climates they’re particularly helpful. But homeowners who don’t have metal roofs often wonder about the limitations of these roofs, and while considering these limitations the question is often asked: Can a metal roof be painted?

In this blog, we answer this question in depth while providing other useful and relevant information. So if you want to know whether or not metal roofs can be painted, read on!

Yes, a metal roof can be painted, provided proper preparation is done in advance of painting. Specifically, the roof needs to be power-washed and cleaned before primer and paint are applied. Also, the paint needs to be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on, and it must be able to stick to the roof’s manufactured finish.

What to Consider Before Painting a Metal Roof

Neighboring Roofs

If painting your roof is going to cause it to stand out from the roofs of neighboring homes, you may want to think twice about painting.

So if neighboring homes have metallic roofs that are gray, charcoal, or some other color that’s commonly associated with metal, it may be best to stick with one of these colors or something similar—unless, of course, you want the extra attention.


Before you paint your roof, check the warranty you have on it. Applying paint could void the warranty, which may not be the right move financially.

Method of Application

If you want to paint your metal roof, you need to first decide which paint application method is best. Generally speaking, spraying on paint is easier and quicker than brushing or rolling, and if you know what you’re doing you can get a nice, even coat.

But some roofs require brushes, rollers, and roller extensions, particularly steep roofs and those with a complex shape.

How to Paint a Metal Roof

Step One

Select your paint. Usually acrylic latex paints and oil-based alkyd paints are used to paint metallic roofs. The important thing is that you choose a paint that’s meant for metal roofs.

Step Two

Power-wash the roof. The pressure should be set at 2,500 pounds per square inch. After this, wash the roof with a mild cleaning solution.

Step Three

Apply primer to the roof. The coat of primer will prevent rust from penetrating the paint from below, and it’ll also help the paint stick to the roof’s manufactured finish.

Step Four

Apply the paint. If you’ve chosen the brush and roller method, make sure you use a roller that’s designed for corrugated panels (if you have these). For standing seam panels, use a regular paint roller.

Step Five

Let the paint cure. If you want a bold color, apply 3-4 coats of paint.

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