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Can I Replace a Roof Myself?

The frequent hailstorms have many people asking themselves, ‘Can I replace a roof myself?’. With the onset of many DIY websites and video platforms, it has become easy for many homeowners to feel confident about roof replacement. However, the truth is not every homeowner can undertake this task. This is so because, in many cases, residential houses will require about two or three days to do a roof replacement. The first day is usually dedicated to the removal of the old roof, and the other days are used for fixes and/or installation of the new roof. This makes it a relatively ‘simple’ task; however, one requires the necessary material and tools to succeed in the roofing replacement. This guide will take an insight into whether one should replace a roof alone.

Should You Carry Out a Roof Replacement Yourself?

Whether one should carry out a roof replacement project by themselves or employ professional roofing contractors is always a debate, especially when tools and guides are readily available. In many cases, it is recommended that homeowners seek roof replacement services from roofing professionals. Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea what roofing entails, let alone replacing it. Those not sure of what roof replacement entails are discouraged from attempting to fix their roofs as this can translate to poorly done work that can harm the occupants.

DIYs in Roof Replacement

A common trend that has taken the internet by storm is DIYs. DIYs have helped many people handle tasks in a wide range of aspects with excellent results. This has also found its way into roofing. Many roofing videos online can guide people in handling roof replacement tasks such as fixing a roof leak, for example. However, it is not a walk in the park. Roofing is a skill that has to be studied and internalized before attempts to work on their roofs. This implies that well-understood concepts in roofing must accompany DIYs to guarantee excellent results.

For instance, one may carry out a decent roofing job for a simple home. However, those houses are rare. For simple replacements, one might need to replace and nail two or more new shingles. This is not always the case. There are cases when a whole roof section is damaged and needs more than replacement. Roofing often includes the fixing of its foundation. This can prove to be an undoable task for ordinary people. It becomes extensive and skill-based, requiring expertise from experienced roofers.

Modern Homes

With evolving times comes evolving houses. Modern houses use top-tier technology in roofing, incorporating additional roofing gadgets such as solar systems and alarm systems. When a homeowner with such a roof notices damage on the roof, a normal DIY might not come in handy for the repair. This requires the expert hands of an experienced roofing contractor. Not only will the roof be fixed effectively, but the owner will avoid additional costs that might come with further damage to the gadgets.

Roof replacement might sound like a simple task, but it has a lot in store. Some homeowners can take up the challenge to fix their roofs, provided they understand the art and science behind it. However, this comes with significant risks, such as self-injury and extended damage. This calls for the intervention of reputable roofing contractors to ensure the roof is repaired excellently and no further damage or injury is directed to the owner.

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