A roofing estimate kicks off the beginning phase of your partnership with

a contractor, which is why it is important to receive an accurate, reliable and fair price. Though the work we provide on your roof will last for many years, we hope to develop a relationship with our clients that will endure, in case more services are wanted or needed. If another contractor gives you an estimate that is drastically inaccurate, you have to wonder why that happened. We follow through on what we say – our reliability for the properties we serve is second to none.A roofing estimate is the first important step.

Comprehensive free estimates

As your foremost roofing professionals in Central North Carolina, we set a full, adept and very informative standard with your roofing estimate that you can expect to be always maintained as we complete your work. We advise you to be careful if you decide to go on the path of trial-and-error. If you speak with a random roofer and they provide you with a rough estimate over the phone, you may not want to take it at face value. That is because it will likely to be a generic figure which they would like to be the minimum price. For some firms this estimate starts to balloon as the project continues.

When we offer you a free roofing estimate it is not just an over-the-phone, ballpark figure. No, we go to your home for a complete review of your specs and yield a precise estimate after exhaustive measurements, so that you will know what you may expect while working with us. But we know that just because we provide you a complete consultation, it may not mean you have signed off yet on any work. This is just our way of conveying that we will gladly and candidly arrive at that crucial intersection which is a necessary component for contract work – it’s called trust.

Our estimates are accurate and fair

We take a different stance for your roofing estimate, with no prescribed pricing expected from you when you request a roofing scenario. We will come to you for a totally free consultation and will physically amble onto your roof. That means when we arrive at a figure we get as close to the bulls eye as we possibly can. This is no guesstimate, and it is not something we eyeball from the ground. We need to make exact measurements, completely review what you have told us and what we have examined on your rooftop during our initial roofing estimate. You can bet that the TLC for this vital aspect of protecting your family or business is maintained until we complete work properly the first time out.

When you have an idea of how your roof is doing, or if you have no idea, then one point of certainty should be those who say they want to help you. We go further in explaining the condition of your system in a roofing estimate so that you can know exactly why we developed the recommendations. If your system is in good condition, we will tell you. But if we are able to notice a crucial issue that is bound to plague your structure for many years, we’ll tell you the best way to best deal with it.

We honor the roofing estimate we provide. We remain fair, accurate and competitive.

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