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How Long Does it Take to Roof a Commercial Building?

Installing roofs on a commercial building is by no means simple work. These are large projects that require some time to complete. When it is time for commercial roofing, the building owner must inform the employees and tenants of the task ahead. This is so because commercial roofing work will affect the normal order of business, sometimes requiring the total closure of the businesses. Employees and tenants may also have to bear the noise and commotion of roofing work. Therefore, it is important to understand how long it will take to complete roofing the commercial building. This article will explain the factors affecting the completion time of commercial roofing.

Type of Roof

The time it takes to complete a commercial roof project is determined by the installed roofing type. There are different commercial roofs, including low slope, flat, and pitched. Each of these kinds of roofs involves different procedures for installation.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are one of the common types of roofing done to most commercial buildings. This type of roofing is also cheap because it does not require much material during construction. On the other side, flat roofs need a lot of preventive work to maintain them. Since they do not require much work, they are often the easiest to set up.

Low Sloped Roofs

These are common in residential apartments and commercial buildings. They are pocket-friendly and fairly easy to install. In addition, they do not require complex materials for construction, making them fast in installation.

Pitched Roofs

These roofs are commonly found in residential homes and require a lot of material during construction. In addition, the roof is more complicated to install because they have unique designs with different slopping sections. As a result, these roofs take longer to install compared to flat roofs.

The Roof Material

Another factor that dictates the period of commercial roofing is the roof’s material. Both the material currently on a roof and that to be installed affect the roofing time. For instance, a commercial building with shingles is easy to remove and also easy to install the same material. On the contrary, a roof with metal requires more time to remove and will need extended installation time. Therefore, the material currently on a roof and the design to be installed determine how long a commercial roofing project will take.

Permits and Inspections from Third Parties

High Point Roofing companies looking to carry out a commercial roofing project must get proper permits. They are also subject to inspections from third parties to ensure the roofing complies with all regulations. Getting these permits and inspections can take time, often leading to delayed roofing. Therefore, the scheduling of inspections determines how long a roofing project will take.


Weather is critical in determining how fast a commercial roofing project will take. Therefore, most roofers will consider the time of the year and the weather forecast to determine the period needed to roof a commercial building. For instance, rain is often a major cause of delayed roofing times.

Many factors contribute to the completion time of a commercial roofing project. It takes a skilled roofing company to work out the best timeline estimate based on these factors to determine how long it will take to roof a commercial building.

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