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solar roofing options in Archdale

Is Your Roof Ready for Solar Panel Installation?

There are many benefits associated with adding solar panels to your home, but can all roofs accommodate panels? To know whether or not your roof is ready for solar panels, read through the sections below!

If your roof is ready and you would prefer a qualified roof repair company in Greensboro NC to add the solar panels, you can call us or request a quote online.

Will the Panels Get Enough Light?

Use Google’s Project Sunroof to help determine whether or not getting roof solar panels is a good move. Basically, you type in your address, and the tool will tell you:

  • How many usable hours of sunlight you’re likely to get annually
  • How many square feet are available for solar panels
  • How much can you save by installing solar panels

This tool uses 3D modeling to calculate these figures, and it takes numerous factors into account when making calculations, like the locations of nearby trees, the condition and age of your roof, and the average amount of sunlight your area gets annually.

If this calculator arrives at some unattractive figures, it may be best to refrain from getting roof solar panels.

Note: Google Project Sunroof only works in certain areas. So if you can’t access this tool, it’s best to get opinions and estimates from local roofers who install solar panels.

Is There Enough Space?

Your roof needs to be large enough to accommodate solar panels.

A roof that’s 400-600 square feet is ideal for solar panels. Solar panels usually take up about 18 square feet, meaning a roof of that size could easily accommodate 10-20 panels.

Solar panels can be installed on all kinds of roofs, but those with a 30-40° pitch are best since slanted panels absorb the most sunlight. But the panels can still get plenty of light if your roof is flat.

And if your roof can’t accommodate solar panels, you may be able to do a ground installation, but that’s a topic for another post.

Is Your Roof in Good Condition?

Your roof needs to be in good condition; otherwise, it won’t be able to accommodate solar panels. So before you get panels put on, get in touch with local roofers who can fix up your roof and make it suitable for solar panel installation.

For example, any cracked shingles will need to be replaced, and all the flashing must be sound.

The age of your roof is relevant here as well. Most newer roofs are more suitable for solar panels, mainly because they’re designed better and built with better materials.

That said, if your roof is older, but it’s been maintained well over the years, it can probably accommodate solar panels.

Get Expert Help When You Want Solar Roof Panels

Want to know for sure whether or not your roof is able to accommodate solar panels? Then you need to get in touch with Davis Roofing.

For years, we’ve been a trusted and sought-after roofing company in the Greater Triad Area of Central North Carolina, and since we know the ins and outs of solar panel installation, we can help you get your roof ready for panels.

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