Residential roofing will be an enormous concern at some point in the duration of your stint as a property owner. In fact, fundamental features on your home such as this one are probably always somewhere in the back of your mind. It is the first line of defense from the elements protecting you, your family and all of your worldly possessions. If you have any questions, concerns or immediate problems concerning your home’s structure, we are happy to help with our full list of services.

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Residential Roofing Services for Archdale, NC & Surrounding Areas.

We understand the tremendous responsibility involved in our work in serving various communities, including Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte with outstanding, professional residential roofing. As important and challenging as other types of roofs may be, the sheer number of homes throughout Central North Carolina makes this style of roofing in high demand.

In addition to the current population, census numbers show that folks are continuing to choose our area of the country above others due to what we have to offer – diverse seasons yet a generally warm climate, mountains, beaches, colleges and more. In this busy market of residential roofing, we encourage you to pick the company that always has your best interests at heart. Too much is at stake with this structure.

Decades of local experience

We started our firm more than 30 years ago in 1980 with a vision of enduring excellence. We knew that there was only one way to go about business, and that is with a full commitment to quality and affordability so that we can reach our dream of a successful, long-term plan. If something is worth doing, then it is worth doing right. That is the point of view we sustain throughout your residential roofing project.

Our team of craftsmen and technicians has all of the experience you would prefer in all roofing styles and materials, including: •Asphalt shingle . Here is the most prevalent residential roofing material in Central North Carolina and throughout the nation. Asphalt shingle is a cost-effective and handsome material capping your roof deck while providing excellent, protective performance. Today’s world of asphalt shingles provides a wide range of options for you, including performance, color and style.

Roofing materials:

Metal- This is a prolific material that has been used under various challenging conditions, from the old West to the Australian Outback, because it is tough and lightweight. But that was yesterday’s metal; today’s material feature shapes, colors and pigments that look great while saving a significant amount of money on your monthly cooling costs. Stand up to fire, hurricanes and hail with our metal systems.

Other- There are other options available to you, including slate and tile. These old forms of roofing material add a fantastic dash of class while offering a long-term solution for your residential roofing.

You will be glad that you have hired us to handle your roofing system as we consider the entire roof, from eaves, hips and gables to the roofing deck and the enduring materials sitting atop the deck. We do not just focus on one area of your home’s roof while turning a blind eye to another. This is a system that must work completely, and as a unit.

Your residential roofing is one of our top priorities.


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