Roof coatings continue to lead the industry as an all new option for your property. In fact, these coatings have dramatically revolutionized what roofers can do for your commercial or industrial roof. When you select our options, it will revitalize the performance of your building – it is a difference you will feel right away. By performance, we mean to say your system will carry significantly better protection.

Let’s talk about the benefits of our roof coatings.

Make your roof stronger

Here in North Carolina we undergo fierce sunlight throughout the summer months, as well as some spring and early autumn weeks, too. But our roof coatings hold up well against this dominant element, as well as others. We experience torrential downpours on a regular basis during summer, and we experience our fair share of hurricane-force winds as systems blow through. Of course, we also get a pretty good taste of the other three seasons; we are not immune to regular freezes during winter.

All of this can take quite a toll on any material, especially one that acts as your property’s first line of defense, every single day. The roof coatings that we have access to, however, can be that something extra to boost your roofing system.

Details regarding this intelligent measure:

Polyurethane Spray Foam- The majority of these materials is specially utilized on commercial and industrial roof systems. Our roof coatings are an all-in-one foam that is a brilliant option capping your materials. Topside, this is a dense plastic that is air-tight, perfect for Central North Carolina’s protracted, humid season of rain. Also, the material does a great job in insulating and works to prevent thermal bridging, which happens along fasteners and decking gaps, and it prevents rust that often occurs in those areas as well as others.

More on condensation, cracks, fissures, seams and rust- Without roof coatings, your roof may be prone to experience the above problems. Poorly insulated metal roofs develop condensation whenever cold air is on one side and hot air is on the other. Moisture will develop either on top of or below the roof – either way, it is extra water you do not need. Also, constant retraction and expansion throughout the years takes a toll on your industrial or commercial roof, which consists of rigid attached sheets. When totaling the effects of all this, the steel that is found on thousands of rooftops nationwide is highly prone to rust, which is the natural result after years of exposure to rain, hail and possibly winter ice.

Fast and affordable service

Other outstanding advantages you get with our roof coatings include a quick and cost-effective turnaround. Our jobs are already completed in an extremely expedient manner, but making our work even faster is the nature of application. The nature of this task does not include stripping materials to the deck and then a lengthy process of building. Rather, it is put on directly over your existing roof. We always do our absolute best to pass on any savings to you, and because this is a relatively expedient process (though we must tell you skilled and experienced technicians are required to make the coatings work) it is a reasonably cost-effective property improvement.

Roof coatings are expanding your property’s options.

It is an effective and cost-effective solution.

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