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The Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors

Homeowners are getting more interested in home design and style. In this case, roof shingle colors play a key role in determining your home’s functionality and curb appeal. Fortunately, the roofing industry is flooded with roof shingles in almost every possible color. Your color choice also impacts your home’s value, future renovation needs, and personal satisfaction.

Choosing the right roof shingle color does not have to be daunting, especially with all the great trending colors. Besides, professional roofers provide the assistance you need for a hassle-free experience. Please keep reading to learn more.

Which Are the Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors?

2022 offers a wide range of statement-making roof shingle colors. You can have one color for the entire roof or use color blends. After all, there’s something for every homeowner. Some of the best options include:

Natural Tones

Natural tones, such as light brown, khaki, and beige, are a trending roof shingle color for clients looking to save some bucks. The colors reflect more UV light off the roof of your home. This way, your interior remains cooler naturally because the roof does not absorb heat from sunlight.

Natural tones can also blend in well with your light, natural color home exterior. In this case, a slightly darker natural tone will be ideal if your home is painted white or beige. Therefore, they are a good starting point if you’ll need to remodel your home in the future.

Classic Black

Classic black is a popular roof shingle color because of its flattering features. Black shingles are easily complementary and go well with siding, brick, and stone. The shingles also absorb heat from the sun and build up in the attic. It is a safe bet for winter because it provides a barrier against the cold and keeps your interior warmer longer.

Light Green

Light green roof shingle colors like forest green and moss green are popular options because they add a unique and elegant feel to your home. It is also more reflective than other standard colors and can be used to perfectly contrast siding and fascia. Besides, manufacturers and roofing companies are investing in new and exciting hues every day to suit clients’ needs and demands.


Are you looking for a neutral color for your roof shingles? If so, gray might be the best option. Gray shingles come in different shades and features. Luckily, all options have great insulation properties, giving the best returns.

Light Blue

Light blue shingles are popular because they add instant charm and a welcoming feel to your home. For instance, a brown home exterior goes well with light blue shingles as they brighten the colors.

Why is Roof Shingle Color Important?

The roof shingle color you choose fulfills key practical and aesthetic benefits. With the right color, your roof can pull together your home’s exterior design for an aesthetically appealing look. In addition, your color choice determines your home’s energy efficiency. In this case, you should work with a professional roofer like Davis Roofing to help choose a color option that works best for your climate.

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