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Understanding the Main Types of Roofing Warranties

Whether one is shopping for a vehicle, a cooker, or a cellphone, one gets a piece of mind when a warranty is included during the purchase. For this reason, those sourcing roofing services will always opt for a contractor that offers a roofing warranty. A roof is a large investment in anyone’s life. Those looking to roof their home must settle for high-quality installation, repair or replacement services. A roof warranty ensures that an individual is covered from installation errors, substandard material, and much more. Therefore, it becomes essential for a homeowner or business building owner to understand the existing roofing warranties. This article will take a look at the three main types of roofing warranties available.

Standard Manufacturer’s Warranties

The standard manufacturer’s warranty is one of the common types of roofing warranty that contractors offer to their clients. This is a basic lifetime but limited roofing warranty that covers a homeowner or business building owner for a period of time of the building ownership. This warranty is defined by the ‘limit’ of warranty agreed upon by the insurer and the insured. The warranty may only cover the costs associated with defective materials making the client cater for labor costs. Many roofing companies or manufacturers often cover the replacement of defective shingles in the first years of service. Henceforth, they provide prorated coverage. On the other hand, a standard manufacturer warranty covers roofing materials against factory defects. In most cases, they do not cover products that have failed as a result of installation errors or environmental conditions. Therefore, the standard manufacturer’s warranty level depends on individual manufacturers and roofing contractors.

Contractor Workmanship Warranty

A contractor in charge of installing an individual’s roof is responsible for its functionality as well as durability. Reputable roofing contractors will always stand behind their installation works through the contractor workmanship warranty. The length of this type of warranty depends on individual roofing contractors, with some providing lifetime coverage. An excellent contractor workmanship warranty will protect a homeowner against material failure resulting from errors as well as improper installation. This coverage excludes aspects such as water damage from ice dams, high-velocity wind, strong storms, and impact damages, foot traffic harm, damages from altered installation, and leaks induced by falling trees and debris.

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive, better known as extended manufacturer warranty, is another excellent warranty that homeowners or business building owners can rely on when sourcing roofing services. This warranty ensures an individual receives a lifetime lasting value of their roof and peace of mind. These warranties are often available at an additional cost. They cover aspects such as all roofing components, extended coverage of defective materials, and installation errors by the workmanship. Not only do clients benefit from constantly monitored roofing services, but they also receive new roofing material in case of roof failure.

Homeowners and business apartment owners can receive these three main roofing warranties, depending on the roofing contractor and manufacturer. Different types of roofing warranties also depend on the cost of roofing a client incurs in their project.

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