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At Davis Roofing, we have highly trained personnel who can take care of all your roofing needs. Whether it’s enforcing your roof to make it stronger for particular weather conditions or something occurred that puts you in the position of a roof replacement, our professionals have the knowledge and skills to make it happen. Our trained professionals are ready to help you on roofing projects.

Our services include:

  • Commercial Roofing – We are the right contractor to assemble the roof you need to keep your business protected. A roof can be built using items such as thermoplastic, EPDM, and build ups, which contribute to one of the strongest, long-lasting roofs possible. We also take care of leaks that may occur, including the ones not visible to laymen’s’ eyes until it’s too late.
  • Residential Roofing – You home must have a safe and dependable roof. We can replace, repair, and enhance your roof to ensure you and your family is always protected from the unexpected.
  • Roof Coating – Protect your roof from the weather and natural elements with our roof coating services. Our coating helps protect your home or business against high volume rainfall, high-speed sustaining winds from hurricanes and even high temperature from fires.
  • Roof Repair – Whether it is age, Mother Nature, or even a bad seal from your PVC vent piping, every roof will eventually need a fix. Our High Point roof repair service will make sure your roof does not become a danger to your family or customers.
  • Roof Replacement – We have many replacement options for your business or residences. From flat business roofing to shingles for your colonial home, we offer a wide variety of options to fit your style.

To get started, please reach out to our offices by calling (336) 431-6485.

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