Commercial Roofing Services in Archdale, NC.

For commercial roofing, it is important to know that you are partnering with the best possible contractor. We find it helpful for our business clients to look at their roofs as an investment in their property. To the extent that we create the necessary “shell” effect on your topping structure (which just means a roof is totally weatherproofed) we are a valuable partner for your business. We provide our customers, or business partners, with the top materials and value in North Carolina, not to mention our business culture of trust, experience, integrity and professional courtesy.

Efficient roofing design

You know it as well as we do – life in today’s society keeps us very busy. That is why so many of your neighbors and business colleagues have preferred our professional services for commercial roofing. We are convenient because we do it all – commercial, residential, industrial and institutional. Folks know that we can handle whatever is thrown our way. One type of roofing project informs another to yield top results on you roof, no matter what type of roof yours may be.

Commercial roofing often involves designs that are unusual on other buildings, including the flat or gently-slopped design. This is a highly advantageous type of roof for industrial complexes, supermarkets, malls, plazas and various types of businesses that need a vast amount of space covered the most efficiently. The fastest path in between two points is a straight line, which is the efficiency provided with such roofing systems.

Roofing challenges

At Davis Roofing Co, we pride ourselves on providing customers in Archdale with exceptional roof repairs at an affordable price. From small one-time orders to ongoing services, our roofing experts will not only give you a competitive free quote, they’ll continuously follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

This is why special industry materials have been formulated over decades to meet the challenges of commercial roofing, including:

Thermoplastic- These TPO roofs are growing in popularity as it is flexible and tolerant of extremes in high and low temperatures. They are also exceptionally resistant to chemical exposure, ultraviolet and ozone. This material can last in excess of 20 years and handles well stressor such as heavy wind, fire and punctures.

EPDM- Easy to install, top-rate in terms of durability and flexibility – and all at a cost-effective value, it is no wonder this is a popular option for business owners. This material also tends to be simpler to maintain and repair.

Built-up roofs- The above commercial roofing are of the single-ply variety. These roofs, the built-ups, however, can be constructed in a variety of methods, including hot-mopped, cold-applied, gravel-surfaced, smooth-coated, tradition or it can come as modified bitumen. It all depends on your needs and what works best for your building.

There are plenty of options and we are all too happy to provide details on a specific free estimate. We let you know what to expect with a thorough review, because information is a power you should have at your disposal.

We are a valued business associate. Our firm solves your commercial roofing needs with full service.

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