Sometimes, roof repair can be the result of something as natural as time and weather. A common material, for example, is asphalt shingle for your roof. These tend to be easy to repair, yet our weather can be quite stressful on any roof, including shingles. Hurricanes, heavy rains, intense heat, humidity and the occasional hail are sufficient to create an indentation on a shingle, which may begin the steady process of water snaking its way through your roof deck and beyond. Since most folks do not amble onto their rooftop on a regular basis, we are happy to check out the condition of your roof anytime.

Early roof repair can save you thousands, not to mention the hassle of extensive renovations.

Don’t put off roof repair

If you worry that the first line of defense protecting you and your family is being compromised, there is no need to procrastinate getting the ball rolling with one of our inspections. The mere thought of roof repair may give you pause; it is probably not something you were anticipating in your annual budget. However, the wait-and-see approach can be costly as water could continue to gain access to precious areas of your home. The longer you wait the more damages you may incur, if there is something wrong. Rain, hail, brisk winds and fierce sun will continue working on your roof – let us work for you.

Roof repair possibilities:

  • Previous, untreated damage
  • Weather-based damage from high winds, hail and extreme heat
  • Plenty of debris from trees
  • Animals gaining access via trees
  • Prolonged neglect or age

If you have a business, you may be experiencing some rust issues due to our high humidity and frequent rain events, leaving moisture under your awning. It is often the case that in older shop structures, the framework is not galvanized and may therefore be prone to rust – a wise time for roof repair. Because of the way shops are typically designed, any proof of rust means there may be more that you will not view. When this is the case, your whole structure’s stability is at risk, and you should contact us to be your professional roofers now.

Roof repair concerns to remember:

For skylight maintenance and fireplace flashing, we reseal and clean any of your existing skylights and review the flashing for your fireplace. These characteristics may be platforms for roofing issues, and our checkups prevent leaks before they may be primed to start.
It is important to review the vent pipe boots, which is flashing that seals PVC vent pipes coming from your roof. A reliable rubber seal prevents water from entering the pipes, leading to the interior of your home. With consistent exposure to extremes in heat, rain and cold, the rubber will deteriorate and lose its properties. Our comprehensive, vigilant and careful roof repair services ensure all is well.

There are several challenges involved in the security of the structure capping your home. You deserve to know who you are working with in a contractor. We have embedded as ourselves reliable roofers in our communities since 1980, and we plan on being here at least another 30-plus years.
Our roof repair yields instant peace of mind. Value, quality and efficiency define our work.

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